Explore the Core of Our Organization Dedicated to Ayurvedic Excellence

Who are the people involved in AAAP?

AAAP is blessed with a BOD of highly qualified, experienced, and successful professionals with diverse backgrounds, including Attorneys, Accountants, IT professionals, Marketing experts, Researchers, Scientists, Psychologists, Modern Medicine Doctors, Naturopathic Doctors, Acupuncture Doctors, Siddha Doctors, Yoga Therapists and of course Ayurvedic Physicians with BAMS, MD and Ph.D. in Ayurveda, and AD, AHC AWC or equivalent Ayurvedic practitioners.

Most of the Directors (BOD – Board of Directors) of AAAP are current Directors or ex-Directors of global Ayurveda organizations and have given their time, energy, and money to supporting and promoting Ayurveda. Most of the current members of AAAP are currently members of Ayurvedic organizations like COLORAMA, AAF, CAAM, NAMA, AAPNA, CAR, etc.

Board of Directors

How is AAAP unique and why AAAP matters?


Jagatyeva Aushadham (Everything in the universe has healing potential when used wisely)

AAAP believes and respects the healing potential of every system of health care. This is demonstrated by AAAP’s BOD and AAAP members comprised of diverse health care professionals like psychologist, Allopathic doctor, Naturopathic doctor, Acupuncture doctor, Siddha doctor, Yoga Therapist and Ayurvedic doctors

Vasudhaiv Kutumbakam (Whole world is my family)

AAAP follows this loving-inclusive Vedic philosophy by welcoming professionals like attorney, accountant, IT professional, marketing experts, researcher, scientist etc both on the BOD and in membership.

Satya (Truth)

First truth or rule in health care is “First do no harm”. Which means protect the public or consumer. In the field of Ayurveda, the best way to protect consumers is to educate them about various levels of Ayurvedic medical training and various levels of expertise of the Ayurvedic health care providers. This empowers consumers to make informed choices regarding what level of Ayurvedic expertise they would like to use for their health care. Consumers should not be misled to believe that all providers have same level of Ayurvedic medical training and expertise.

Established in above truth, AAAP educates consumers about the various levels of Ayurvedic medical training and helps consumers in making informed choices regarding what level of Ayurvedic expertise they would like to use for their health care. Consumers can get valuable wellness benefits by using the services of Ayurvedic nutritionists, Ayurvedic therapists, Ayurvedic herbalists, Ayurvedic health counselors, Ayurvedic Yoga Therapists and Bachelors in Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery (BAMS). Consumers need to be informed about the training received by all the above Ayurvedic practitioners.

Ahimsa (Non-violence)

AAAP does not threaten any organization or feel threatened by any organization.

Asteya (Non-stealing)

AAAP does not compete with or steal from any organization. AAAP does not feel any organization is competing with AAAP.