Dr Sujata Reddy

Dr. Sujata Reddy has been an Ayurvedic Doctor & Mental Health Counselor for over 20 years under Heartland wellness LLC. She runs a wellness franchise that encompasses mental health and alternative medicine professionals.

General information

As a Licensed Psychotherapist, Coach and Ayurvedic Doctor, I approach the therapeutic process from a holistic view point. I believe that the integration of Body, Mind and Spirit is an essential expression of personal health. Many of today’s Mental, Physical, and social illness stem from a lack of integration-disintegration resulting in people dissociating from themselves, the community and the environment. My focus is on the whole person, with special emphasis on how the mind is connected directly to the body and how a person thinks, acts and feels. My emphasis is on wellness, with symptoms seen as calls for self-realization.

Key Facts

I own a Wellness franchise of Humanly for Lakewood Colorado for 6 years, that encompasses mental health professionals and other Alternative wellness professionals. I serve as the Executive Director of two LLC’s Heartland wellness and Reddy Holdings. At Humanly Lakewood we provide free professional trainings, discounted legal services, online referral and support network and Business support for wellness professionals.