Dr. Aruna Patki, BAMS

Vaidya, Author, Yoga Teacher, Meditation Instructor, Integrative Healer, LMBT, NCBTMB, RYT

Aruna Patki obtained her bachelor’s degree in Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery in 2001. She studied in Ayurveda at the early age and earned the degree of Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery (B.A.M.S.), a 5 ½ year program at Ayurvedic Government College of Ayurveda at Swami Rama Nand University, Maharashtra State, India. She continued her postgraduate studies in Panchakarma in Ayurveda course of study, from Tilak College of Ayurveda at Pune University, Maharashtra State, India. She is a Yoga Teacher practices yoga from 1995.

General information

She is the owner of Ayurveda Healing Spa, a private practice specializing in treatment of Quantum Healing, Elemental Healing, Awakening your inner Strength, natural environments, and teachings.
Aruna provides Ayurvedic services in the Concord, Charlotte NC area – private consultations and Customized Healings for Mind Body Soul Wellness. In addition to using traditional strategies, Aruna employs the step-by-step Ayurveda Healing, Bodywork, Detox, Nutrition, Lifestyle, Customized therapeutic yoga, Meditation, Breathing Techniques, Unique Sound Energy Medicine and Mantra Healing and many more CST, Psychosomatic Emotional Release, Lymphatic Drainage Therapy, Thai Yoga, Body Type Yoga approach, and is able to create more effective care plans.

Key Facts

She has 20 plus years of experience as a Ayurvedic healer. Aruna had extensive experience treating adults with Lifestyle, Neurological, Orthopedic, Hormonal, Kids, Men’s and Women’s health disorders using a variety of treatment technique which she has incorporated in her approach with all levels of age and all levels of disease management. She has adapted CST AND PEF for the elder and pediatric population and has witnessed a dramatic improvement in the functional outcomes of her clients. Her practice includes clients with a wide variety of chronic issues including Pain, Hormones, Obesity, Acne, Skin conditions, Nerve issues, Cholesterol, Orthopedic issues, Gait asymmetries, Torticollis, Developmental delays and other Neuro‐motor disorders.