Dr Aparna Bapat

Dr Aparna Bapat has been practicing Ayurveda in India, Europe, and the US. As a successful Ayurveda practitioner and educator in the US she has been in the field since 20 years and was on the Board of director at NAMA (National Ayurvedic medical association)

General information

Dr. Aparna Bapat is an Ayurvedic doctor educated in India. She has over two decades of experience in practicing Ayurveda in India, Europe, and the US. She has been a very successful Ayurveda practitioner and educator in the US. Dr.Bapat has practiced for 18 years in New York and has been teaching in many medical colleges and Ayurveda colleges across the US.

Dr. Bapat has inspired and helped many new Ayurveda practitioners from India and graduate students from US colleges to start their own practices, pancha karma centers and Ayurveda colleges. She is very enthusiastic teacher and guide and dependable friend for her colleagues.
Currently she is practicing in Florida and establishing a panchakarma center and as well as an education center for medical professionals so they can use Ayurveda as an adjunct therapy in their practice.

Key Facts

Dr. Bapat started Ayurspirit – a herbal formulation company in 2006 to bring pure natural Ayurvedic herbs in US that are made ethically and authentically. Dr. Bapat has written numerous articles, given workshops and talks and has been on many Television shows in Europe, US and South America to promote Ayurveda awareness.
Dr. Bapat’s experience and expertise in Ayurvedic pulse reading, herbal formulas, panchakarma treatments is immensely valuable in healing patients who have lost all hope in finding a sustainable remedy to their ailments. Her speciality includes treating neuro-musculoskeletal, digestive, endocrine, psychosomatic, and various disorders of the mind and body.